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Sourcing Cosmetic containers from Korea, Taiwan and China

Sourcing Cosmetic containers from Korea, Taiwan and China
Improve the cost, production shedule, the speed of response.
In addition, more attractive designed containers are also avaliable.
Case for which SPACEROAD can be of sasistance

Suppliers to collaborate with

Korea: 15 suppliers

Other overseas countries: 15 suppliers

Target Products

Cosmetics (Skin care, Make up)

Hair care, Body care, Beauty goods

Food, Health Food, Diet related goods


Tube (PE / Aluminum),

Jar (Acrylic/PET-G/PP/PS/AS),

Bottle (Acrylic/PET-G/PE/PP),


Others : Compact (for foundation / Color cosmetics), for spray, for make-up, small size for samples, designed packages, for health foods

Good-designed containers and capable supplier research

Introducing or contacting reliable business partners (suppliers) who have well-designed containers as well as being capable enough as a container suppliers.

​Negotiation and preparation for sourcing including; specifications, price, samples, etc.

Suppliers visits with clients for checking

Prepare contracts with suppliers

Assist export & import tasks

Follow up on purchasing tasks

Follow up on quality problems

What SPACEROAD can service for those companies? 
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