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Sourcing OEM Products

Introducing new products and following up with the suppliers
through cpaable local panters by collecting both good and bad local information as well as smooth face-to-face negotiation.

Collaborating suppliers

Japan: Over 50 suppliers

Korea: Over 300 suppliers & approximately 100,000

Companies under 3 government related organizations
(SBA = Seoul Business Agency, SBC = Small & Medium Business Corporation, KITA = Korea International Trade Association)

Korea: Over 300 suppliers & approximately 100,000

Cases for which SPACEROAD can be of assistance

Products Categories

Cosmetics (Skin care, Make up)

Hair care, Body care, Beauty goods

Daily use products
 (Kitchen, Living, Cleaning, Baby goods, Health care goods etc.)

Food, Health Food, Diet related goods

Fashion (Clothes, Shoes, Accessories)

IT related products (PC peripherals), Home electronics, Mobile Phone
Related items, and car related items


Good-Selling products and Supplier research.

Introducing or contacting reliable business partners (suppliers) who have good-selling products as well as being capable as an OEM supplier.

In case of bulk supply, finding the suitable containers and/or packages.

Negotiation and preparation in sourcing including; specifications, price, samples, ingredients, sales points etc.

Visit suppliers with clients for checking.

Prepare contracts with Brand owners or suppliers.

Check import related issues, and assist export & import tasks.

Back up on business operations and follow up on purchasing tasks.

Follow up on quality problems.

What SPACEROAD can service for those companies?
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