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Clinets Who Intend To Sell To Overseas Markets

〜Our sales business paractice will realize efficienies in expanding business
in the Asia market.〜
Support companies trying to establish themselves, while minimizing fixed cost.
Japan, Europe And USA                Asia
Asia              Japan, Europe And USA

Having excellent products but not being able to expand business in Asia.

Not wanting to have unnecessary and excessive expenses on fixed costs when expanding business into Asian markets.

Expanding business in Asia / Japan, Europe, USA without confidence.

We act as a representative for the corporations with these concerns.


Pending issues in establishing sales in the Asian market business.

Not necessary !   You can rely on SPACEROAD to service all your needs reliably and efficiently.


Registration of subsidiary company, or branch office.

Administration, management in starting a subsidiary company.

Heavy fixed cost 

   Rent fees 

   High cost in assigning employees abroad 

   Local personnel expenses.

Supervision and Education / training of Asian employees Who are known for job hopping.

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