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Sell Branded Products

Best local distributor Choice

Out of 30-100 candidates, we choose distributor who is 

capable to establish brand incl. digital marketing.

Collaboration with local retail players

Thanks to firm relationship with key retailers in each market, we 

achieve missions in displays, sales, promotions. 

Realize stable sell-through

With knowhow from success cases in many countries, we achieve th

growth step by step.

Establish Brand in the long term


14 Countries / 600 Brands

Products categories

Cosmetics (Skin care, Make up)

Hair care, Body care, Beauty goods

Food, Health Supplement
Daily use products (Kitchen, Living, Cleaning etc.)

IT related products (PC peripherals), Mobile Phone related products.

Cases for which SPACEROAD can be of assistance

Share market map

Distributor selection

Sales channel strategy

Marketing & promotion

Establish brand and achieve stable growth

What SPACEROAD can service for those companies?

Seles improvement

Display improvement

Sell through improvement

EC management improvement

SNS management improvement

Results (example)

Settle parallel imports

Sales improvement per shop

Beat competitor

Powerful collaboration  scheme with specific retailer

Local manufacturing scheme

Projects (example) 
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